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Financial investment calculator

If you are investing money in the property market you want to know how your investment might grow.

We have created this investment calculator to help you estimate:

  • how much you invest over the duration of the mortgage either on an interest only mortgage or a capital repayment mortgage
  • the monthly, annual and total rental income based on various rental yields
  • the investment value over 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 year periods based on various growth rates
Total value of investment
Deposit %
Mortgage interest rate %
Mortgage duration years
Annual rental return (you can input up to 3 values) %
Annual capital growth (you can input up to 3 values) %
After how many years will you want to cash in this investment years

The Facts and Figures are not guaranteed and are only used for this quotation. Interest rates and growth rates and economy can change. Fees and rates of inflation will vary and are not included. Investments can go down aswell as up.