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We specialise in web software engineering with seo and design being key factors in our web projects. Our goal is to provide good looking websites that are naturally search engine friendly and ready to start ranking from the day of launch, all you have to do is create your content and we have a few nifty tricks that might help you with that.

What is this website about?

For some time now we have been carrying out test projects and creating plans for a lightweight web application framework or web boilerplate. For a long time the bulk of our ideas for the build were on paper. The build is still a long way off finished, but we are now pleased to finally be deploying our first website created on top of the framework. This is it. Want to read more about the seo friendly web framework?


We liked the name, it's nice and short and it describes what we do... we build a site and we seo it.


SEO Services based in Tamworth near Birmingham, we specialise in getting websites into the first page of the search engines, SEO Tamworth testing methods mean we do not make mistakes with our clients. Every aspect of getting you site found in the search engines is not guess work. On page and off page search engine optimization need not be confusing, we have a very transparent way of working with our clients to make sure that the SEO services we provide work.

SEO is not an over night set and forget system, SEO takes time and changes happen regularly with search engines algorithms, meaning we always have to keep up to date with what's happening in search engine land and make sure the optimization we do works for you.

If you found this page on the web our system works otherwise you would not be reading this now, this page is optimized to a very low level with only a short amount of text and a couple of very powerful web sites pointing to this site. Let us see if our SEO Services work from a engineer view with most the work done on page to rank for the keyword SEO Tamworth which is near Birmingham.

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Web designer/developer tools

If a computer can do something quicker and with less chance of making mistakes than a person, then why not let it? As web developers we try to avoid repetitive tasks wherever possible and this often results us making simple tools to do jobs for us. We have created a few web designer tools.

free online text to html tool free online text to html list tool free online text to html table tool free online 301 redirect tester tool